52 DePew Street, Pleasantville, NY

TL;DR - If you’re thinking of renting an apartment at this place you might want to just look at this contractor’s track record of breaking their word and cutting corners. Once you’re locked into a lease do you think they’ll have any incentive to behave differently?

Update 2023-06-06

I was told when I made all of the noise complaints against this building that they didn’t want to fine the drivers and that the ordinance was very specific about fining only the person who made the noise. This turns out to be a lie.

§ 123-6 Persons liable for violations.
The owner, tenant and person in charge of the premises on which a violation under the provisions of this chapter has been committed shall be deemed to have permitted such violation on the subject premises and, as such, shall be guilty of such violation.

52 DePew Street in Pleasantville, NY used to be an auto repair place. At some point the land was sold to a developer who then got permission to build apartments there.

Not only is the construction site run by people who don’t care about the community they also, illegally, decided to build the building differently than the plans they submitted? Why? Because they’re penny pinching parasites that want to start collecting rent ASAP. Judge for yourself.

The top is what they submitted for approval and what was finally approved. The bottom is what they actually built. And the middle is the “proposed fix” which is a half assed chimera of the approved plans and the existing monstrosity.


I have a simple suggestion. Maybe the original approved plans could be the “proposed fix”. Why even have an approval process if you allow people to build whatever they want and then backpedal with terrible compromises?

When I got my deck replaced I had to have the contractor contact the town for approval. The town was very specific that we had to have the deck rebuilt exactly as it was, including the fact that it was slightly crooked. When it came time for them to start work we had to wait for someone from the town to come and verify that they were putting in concrete footings. Then when it was all over they raised our taxes because of the “improvement”. Funny how they don’t lower your taxes as your deck gets older…

Why so much oversight for an individual’s deck and basically zero oversight for a huge construction project? Corruption? Apathy? Tax revenues will go from ~$60k / year on this lot to over $200k / year after the building is complete. And as long as the developer or anyone else involved in the process isn’t impacted negatively by it then they just throw up their hands and let our neighborhood deal with it.

This went from looking like the Tarrytown waterfront to looking like someone repurposed a self storage place or a data center into overpriced apartments for suckers.

Ever since construction started it has been terrible. Normal construction stuff aside, like noise during the day and the smell of burning (welding?), we are subject to deliveries of stuff whenever they’d like very early in the morning. This isn’t just nice Amazon packages. They’re constantly getting equipment delivered on flatbeds covered in rattling chains.

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking that I’m just being a Karen/Kevin/whatever. But I’ll let the video speak for itself. If these deliveries didn’t constantly wake me up at 5:30 AM, 6:30 AM, etc. it wouldn’t be an issue. But they just have a knack for finding the worst times to deliver equipment on the loudest vehicles possible.