Building the AWS IoT Device SDK for JavaScript for browser based applications

Originally posted on 2020-10-20

Regenerating the AWS IoT Device SDK for JavaScript for a browser can be done with a quick script. First clone the Github repo:

git clone

Then go into the aws-iot-device-sdk-js directory:

cd aws-iot-device-sdk-js

You may need to install UglifyJS3 if you don't have it installed already. This will reduce the size of the generated JavaScript significantly.

sudo npm install uglify-js -g

And finally add this script, make it executable, and run it:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

export AWS_SERVICES=cognitoidentity

rm browser/aws-iot-sdk-browser-bundle*.js
npm run-script browserize
uglifyjs browser/aws-iot-sdk-browser-bundle.js -c -m -o browser/aws-iot-sdk-browser-bundle-min-uglifyjs.js
du -sh browser/*.js

NOTE: You must have some services listed in the AWS_SERVICES variable. If you leave that variable empty it will include the entire AWS SDK.

The "uglified" output will be in the browser directory and is called aws-iot-sdk-browser-bundle-min-uglifyjs.js.