My initial configuration for Cloud9 instances

Started on 2020-10-29

Here are all of the things that I do when I start a new Cloud9 instance

  • Add a rule to the security group to allow me to SSH to it from my IP
  • Add my public key to .ssh/authorized_keys
  • Expand my EBS volume to 100 GB by following my other instructions on
    Resizing the EBS filesystem on a Cloud9 instance
  • Install n to manage my NodeJS installation so CDK works correctly
    • sudo npm install -g n
    • NOTE: If npm is not installed use the commands at the bottom of this page to install n without npm
  • Install the latest release of NodeJS 12
    • sudo $(which n) install $(n ls-remote --all | grep ^12 | head -n 1)
  • Select the latest release of NodeJS 12
    • sudo $(which n) $(n ls-remote --all | grep ^12 | head -n 1)
  • Nuke the ~/.nvm directory
    • rm -rf ~/.nvm
  • Nuke references to nvm in the ~/.profile file
  • Install CDK
    • sudo npm install -g aws-cdk


  • If npm isn't installed, install n like this and then you can continue with the instructions from the "Install the latest release of NodeJS 12" step
curl -L -o n
sudo cp n /usr/local/bin
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/n