Windows gaming on EC2?

Started on 2020-10-29

Can it be done? Yes! I've seen it done.

Can I do it myself? Well, maybe. So far it hasn't exactly worked out like I expected.

I finally landed on using a g4dn.2xlarge instance. I got it up and running and configured my remote desktop client for the instance on my Mac.

Then I opened up the security group to permit port 8443 to my IP address and logged in with DCV. So far, so good.

I installed Steam and installed a game I wanted to test out. Unfortunately the game never started. It didn't even give me an error.

I looked at the device manager and noticed that there were no "real" graphics cards there. So I attached an IAM role to the instance with the AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess permissions and installed the Nvidia gaming drivers. The first time I tried it didn't work as it said that there was another installation running so I rebooted, tried again, and it worked.