Unsolved arson in Pleasantville, NY from 2021-01-05

I live right near where this fire occurred. Due to a lucky experiment I was conducting with my new security cameras I happened to get video of a car that drives right up to the location right before the fire starts.

The video doesn’t show a plate so there isn’t much to go on. But I wanted to put it out there to see if anyone could figure something out about this. Without a plate I think the police don’t have a lot to go on and I haven’t heard from them about it in a long time. Since then I’ve installed better cameras.

A car drives past my house at 4:08 AM, it then turns down the street that the building is on, and then for 18 minutes or so nothing happens. Then at 4:29 AM there are the first signs of smoke. Finally at 4:44 AM there are headlights on the street and that’s when I assume the person drives away.

This is my hastily edited video from the day it happened so I could provide it to the police. I still have the raw video footage but quality-wise it’s the same.

Maybe someone out there can figure it out…