Rubik’s cube

This page is about me learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube and other “twisty” puzzles. This all started when I was on a flight to Seattle and, to nobody’s surprise, the WiFi wasn’t working. I spent 5 hours watching and re-watching a beginner method video I found. By the end of the flight I had actually solved the cube a few times.

On the flight home the same thing happened so I just kept practicing. I put it down for a while after that and forgot a bunch but recently got back into it.

My current best solve time using a scramble from GAN’s CubeStation app is 1 minute and 20 seconds.

My current technique is the beginner method with two additional algorithms from GAN’s CubeStation called LBL-13 and LBL-14.

Here are some links related to cubing that I think are useful:

  • TNoodle-LIB - the official library used by the World Cube Association for scrambles
  • TNoodle - the official scramble server used by the World Cube Association

Here are some more of my own pages about cubing:

Rubik’s cube videos