Force Dependabot to update your Gradle verison

I always use the Gradle wrapper for my projects to make sure that things are consistent. However, I forget to update it all the time since I'm used to Dependabot doing all of that for me.

Now I've figured out a quick hack that will make Dependabot update the Gradle dependency for me. All I have to do is to remember to run ./gradlew wrapper periodically to keep the wrapper up to date and check in the changes now...

Here's where I define my wrapper info in build.gradle.kts:

val gradleDependencyVersion = "6.8.1"

tasks.wrapper {
    gradleVersion = gradleDependencyVersion
    distributionType = Wrapper.DistributionType.ALL

And here's where I define a fake testImplementation dependency in the dependencies section on the Gradle tooling API:

// To force dependabot to update the Gradle wrapper dependency