Grant Street incidents

Update 2023-03-15 - I haven’t updated this page in a while since I’ve come to the realization that nobody cares no matter what happens here. I’m spending my time on other projects.

If everything is up and running you can tune into the Grant Street and Saw Mill Parkway intersection live on YouTube


All of this data is incomplete. We only capture the things we are around to witness. There is no doubt that we miss a lot of them.

Sporadic data for nearby locations in Pleasantville is available at the end of this page.

Not a day goes by without people running the lights on the Saw Mill Parkway. It is likely that at least one U-Haul or semi gets on the parkway per day here as well.


  • October 18th - driver makes a U-turn on the Saw Mill while going north
  • October 11th - Ryder truck rips its roof off
  • October 9th - drunk person runs red light and rear ends the only person actually stopping for the light
  • October 8th - parade float catches on fire, possibly after hitting the bridge going south bound
  • September 24th - hit and run, left turn or U-turn from the right northbound lane on the Saw Mill causes three car collision, person at fault leaves the scene
  • September 13th - multi-car accident and car fire
  • September 11th - truck gets stuck under the bridge going south
  • September 11th - another tractor trailer on the Saw Mill
  • August 23rd - three car collision
  • August 16th - crushed truck
  • August 13th - truck roof go bye-bye
  • August 7th - trucker decides one time on the parkway isn’t enough
  • August 3rd - R8 driver outruns a motorcycle through the crosswalk
  • August 3rd - Trucker gets stuck going north
  • August 3rd - Trucker blocks the highway for 10 minutes trying to reverse their decision to go south
  • July 19th - truck hits both bridges
  • July 12th - truck loses its roof and just keeps going
  • June 27th - late night movers YOLO
  • June 27th - another late night track run
  • June 27th - More red light running, trailer, U-Haul, brave dog walker, and another person waiting for the light in the crosswalk
  • June 27th - 4 AM semi on the parkway
  • June 27th - 1 PM semi on the parkway
  • June 26th - motorcycle late night track run on the Saw Mill
  • June 25th - Near collision as another person runs the red light
  • June 25th - Several red light runners, two illegal turns, and one semi turning onto the parkway
  • June 23rd - Driver skids to a halt at a high speed during the morning commute. Didn’t notice the light, or the crossing guard.
  • June 20th - Car almost runs the red light but screeches to a halt in the crosswalk
  • June 18th - Car runs the light on the Saw Mill causing a collision more than 8 seconds after the light turns red
  • June 6th - Car runs the light at Manville by the Jacob Burns Film Center (not on Grant Street)
  • June 4th - Truck runs the red light when the pedestrians have the walk signal
  • June 2nd - HELP truck runs the red light six full seconds after it changes and hits a minivan
  • February 25th - Person hit at Grant Street and Saw Mill intersection
  • February 6th - Another truck tears the roof off - 60x
  • February 6th - Another truck tears the roof off - extended cut
  • February 2nd - Person runs the light at Grant Street and Manville many seconds after it changes
  • January 17th - Overtaking of a driver, mistakenly waiting behind a parked car, which results in a collision with a trailer


  • December 16th - Person rear ends someone waiting to make a left turn
  • December 6th - Person decides to make a left on red to cross the highway
  • November 11th - Left on red again
  • March 28th - Person decides to make a surprise U-turn on the Saw Mill


  • Oct 22nd - Tesla collides with a Hummer
  • Sept 22nd - car ends up facing the wrong way after an accident on the Saw Mill

Nearby incidents

2023-10-18 - pedestrian struck by vehicle at the corner of Bedford Road and Orchard Street in Pleasantville, NY (across from the public library)