Archive - random, disorganized, will probably be deleted eventually

Rubik’s cube
Random test area

If you want to see what I do in my day job take a look at

and the Twitch show I do with Erin McGill.

For now here's where I share random stuff I'm working on. It’s mostly raw notes until I refine it into actual content. Eventually I’ll put the polished stuff at the top.

Cheat sheets - quick commands to do common things:

Docker cheat sheet
npm cheat sheet
AWS CLI cheat sheet
Python cheat sheet
AWS IoT cheat sheet
Redshift cheat sheet
Video cheat sheet
Native image cheat sheet

Hacks - longer form content, usually slightly odd things:

Python hacks
Linux hacks
DominoKit hacks
Java hacks
PostgreSQL hacks
Cloud9 and EC2 hacks
AWS IoT hacks
GWT hacks
Video hacks
Gradle hacks
MacOS hacks
NodeJS hacks

Notes - mixed content, usually related to debugging:

AWS Lambda debugging notes
AWS IoT debugging notes
AWS IoT Greengrass debugging notes
Debugger support for Greengrass
WebSocket debugging notes
AWS API Gateway debugging notes
DynamoDB beginner’s guide

Links to GitHub assets I use a lot:

Personal rants

My configs:

tmux config
fish shell config
  • I stopped using fish a while ago but wanted to leave this here in case I ever wanted to go back

Raw, unfinished projects and notes